Can Trump actually lose?

By Tom Quiner


In Hillary Clinton, the Democrats are about to select their single weakest candidate to be the standard-bearer for their party.

The American public has been subjected to Clinton sleaze for a quarter of a century.

Scandals abound.

Corruption abounds.

Deceit defines all things Clintonista.

And Hillary Clinton has one other major problem: a lousy personality that drips with insincerity. Few voters, including her supporters, like the woman. No one believes anything she says except that she will support human abortion for all 9 month’s of an infant’s time in her mama’s womb.

In my previous post, I queried, “Can Trump actually win?

This one explores the question, “Can Trump actually lose?”

The answer is hell yes.

Trump has negative ratings (70% don’t like him) even worse than Hillary’s already shockingly bad 55% negatives. In Donald Trump, the Republicans have rolled the dice on a candidate whose supporters passionately adore him at the same time his detractors passionately loathe him. And there are apparently more loathers than lovers.

He has managed to breed more fear and loathing than Hillary Rodham Clinton, and that is no easy task.

There is an additional practical reason why Donald Trump could lose. Democrats are Einsteins in their use of sophisticated meta data. Trump doesn’t give a rip about it.

While Donald Trump tweets away, the Obama Machine is turning over their data base of 69 million voters to the Clinton Machine. Barack Obama took the marketing of a politician to unimagined heights in his aggressive pursuit of building a database of voters’ likes and dislikes in 2008 and 2012.

He created highly targeted and effective messages for each little slice of the electorate.

His data revealed where they could get the most bang for their campaign buck down to the county level. In close elections, this type of targeted marketing determines whether you win or lose.

Trump’s reaction to all of this?

 “I’ve always felt it was overrated. Obama got the votes much more so than his data-processing machine. And I think the same is true with me.”

The guy who ran Obama’s 2008 campaign, David Plouffe (who later went on to run Uber) had a different reaction:

“Trump now wants to ban data and modeling from his campaign. Agree with him that Obama got the votes not data. But flying blind is nuts.”

Is Trump nuts?

Or is he crazy like a fox?




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  1. oarubio on July 27, 2016 at 11:32 am

    Unfortunately, we will not know the answer to that question for 3+ months.