“It’s all about me”

By Tom Quiner


I admit it.

I did not watch Barack Obama’s 46 minute speech at last night’s Democratic National Convention. I knew what he would say. Based on his public career, odds were that it would be self-centered.

Mr. Obama didn’t disappoint.

In a speech that was supposed to be about Hillary Clinton, the Narcissist-in-Chief referred to himself 119 times according to the Grabien news site. The video clip above extracts each pronoun for your viewing pleasure.


This is par for the Obama course.

In a thirty-three minute speech on guns on January 5th earlier this year, he referred to himself 76 times.

Last October, in a speech a mere twelve minutes long, he was able to refer to himself 28 times.

A year ago January in a half hour speech, he referred to himself 118 times.

Think about it. The man refers to himself 2.75 times PER MINUTE.

I shall not miss him.