Mass murder in the United States

By Tom Quiner

Some men simply snap.

Some feel that the world, the system, their boss, or whatever, have been unjust to them, and they’re filled with rage and desire revenge.

Some are mentally ill.

Some are terrorists bent on advancing a cause.

And some are just plain evil.

Sometimes it’s all of the above.

What we know is that mass murder is alive and well, whether the killers kill with trucks, jets, bombs, or guns.

729d0e00-b925-4d9e-a436-b00180a903b2The latest mass murder, this one in Nice, France, has killed 74 at last count, many of them children.

I remember a song Elton John wrote in 1974. It’s called “Ticking.” You can listen to it above. It’s about a disturbed young man who kills a bunch of people. This is certainly not your typical pop song. This is a stripped down, gritty song driven by piano with a splash of synthesizer here and there.

Since John’s collaborator, Bernie Taupin, penned these lyrics, this country has experience an increasing incidence of mass murder, as you can see on the accompanying chart. Mass murder has exploded in the past seven years.

Liberals say the root cause is simple: guns, which of course is nonsense. The root cause is multi-faceted and complex, as this blog has written about before here and here and here and here.

Sadly, ticking time bombs are everywhere. Where will the next one explode?