Democrats embrace their own brand of “deplorables”

By Tom Quiner


Hillary Clinton infamously labeled Republican voters with whom she disagrees as “deplorable.”

She went further. This self-proclaimed Christian also pronounced them as being irredeemable. Of course, forgiveness and redemption are foundational tenets of Christianity, but not for limousine liberals.

The whole “deplorable” comment is but another tiresome, bullying tactic employed by the president and Hillary on people with whom they disagree. It is this very tactic which has so energized Trump voters.

Interestingly, there is another group of ‘deplorables’ Democrats love, that’s assuming you think that murderers, rapists, and armed robbers are deplorable.

Democrats love felons.

There is a practical reason why: felons, according to an authoritative study by The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, are largely Democrats.

Take a liberal state like New York. Some 61.5% of convicts are Democrats, while a paltry 9% register as Republicans. Nationally, when ex-cons are allowed to vote, some 73% vote Democrat.

Voting rights for felons is handled state-by-state. Take Virginia. Their state Constitution doesn’t allow felons to vote, but does allow the Governor to restore voting rights to “worthy” felons, determined on a case-by-case basis.

Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, recognizes that Virginia’s 13 Electoral Votes are at risk. A surging Donald Trump has pulled within 3.5% of Hillary Clinton in the Real Clear Politics average. How can he assure a Hillary victory in his state? By simply signing an Executive Order which restores voting rights to all 206,000 felons who have completed their term.

Some 40,000 of these new voters committed violent crimes, you know, rape, murder, aggravated assault, that sort of stuff, but nothing too deplorable to prevent a Democrat from championing their cause.

Virginia had never seen such a brazen executive action before, so their high court called a special session and quickly overturned Governor McAuliffe’s Executive Order.

The Wall Street Journal editorialized on the issue this way on Monday:

“Under Virginia law the Governor can grant clemency on an individual basis. But the justices wrote that “Governor McAuliffe’s assertion of ‘absolute’ power to issue his executive order” runs “afoul of the separation-of-powers principle” in the Virginia constitution. The individual clemency power, the court admonished, “does not mean he can effectively rewrite the general rule of law.”

End of story, right? Wrong. Governor McAuliffe is simply ignoring the court’s decision. He doesn’t like the law, so he is suspending the law.

Liberals will go to the mat to restore rights for murderers, rapists, and violent thugs, whom they evidently do not consider deplorable, at the same time they try to strip the rights of Christians, the preborn, and lawful gun owners.

What one considers deplorable is now defined by your political leanings.