Liberal science deniers

By Tom Quiner


My company  has a client for whom we print maps. The maps show the location of pipelines for ethane, propylene, and ethylene.

The pipeline grid sprawls throughout the country.

The United States has the largest network of underground pipes in the world with some 2.4 million miles of pipe, 72,000 miles of which efficiently and safely move crude oil.

A guy who goes to my church works for an engineering firm that builds and oversees the pipeline grid in my state. He emphasized to me how absolutely sound the technology is; how seldom there is a problem; and when there is a problem, that it is easily contained and repaired.

The argument against building the Keystone Pipeline argues against the science on the subject, which consistently supports pipelines. Evidently, the Left is nothing but a bunch of deniers, to use their jargon.

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  1. d. knapp on December 20, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Never mind that a recent study shows that much of the country already has lead & other toxins at rates as high as or higher than that of Flint. The only time the left cares about the ecology is when it means America can be made or kept weaker for it. Other wise it’s no big deal that people are drinking contaminated H2O. They also care if the winners THEY pick are going to profit.