By Tom Quiner

Michael Novak

Michael Novak

Michael Novak died this week.

He was a noted Catholic intellectual who evolved from a liberal to a conservative, even though he was a lifelong Democrat, with an especially marked conversion to the merits of capitalism.

Regarding socialism, he wrote that it is:

“the residue of Judeo-Christian faith, without religion. It is a belief in the goodness of the human race and paradise on earth.”

Regarding capitalism, he wrote that it was

“a system built on belief in human selfishness; given checks and balances, it is nearly always a smashing, scandalous success.”

May you rest in peace, brother Novak.

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  1. d. knapp on February 26, 2017 at 12:16 pm

    Brilliant! If one thinks there is ANYTHING that men will conjure up that won’t turn evil, one is ignorant of 1) man’s abilities & 2) man’s very basic nature. Anything that will bring fair and just treatment for ALL will come in the form of the 2nd coming of Christ. All else eventually fails miserably and always will.

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