Trump reneges on Christians

By Tom Quiner


Barack Obama imposed his religion on who gets government contracts.

Liberals will bristle at my characterization of his animating belief system, secular humanism, as a religion, but it is. It is most aptly described as neo paganism, built as it is upon three pagan notions: child sacrifice (human abortion); sexual hedonism; and nature worship.

As an example of his religion test, he stripped government contracts from the U.S. Catholic Bishops who provided top services (according to governmental evaluation criteria) to women who are victims of human trafficking because they refused to refer these women for human abortion services.

Mr. Obama did the same thing by barring discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people working for federal contractors, the first time that had ever been imposed on contractors by the federal government. With that stroke of a pen, Mr. Obama essentially barred Muslim and Christian groups and contractors, who believe acting on homosexual impulses to be sinful, from competing for these lucrative contracts.

For example, Catholic Charities is out. So are Baptist groups who provide great relief services in times of disaster. The government won’t let them help unless they change their belief system and hire lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Donald Trump will continue to enforce this Executive Order, when he could have undone it. Conservative Christians voted for Donald Trump in droves in the hope that he would restore moral sanity to executive action.

He promised he would. He reneged on us.