Our politically-correct fighting force

By Tom Quiner

A retired Air Force Lt. Col. hammered the Obama administration’s policies regarding our military. Here is an excerpt from his letter in this morning’s Wall Street Journal:

“To be blunt, our military was decimated by the actions of our former commander in chief. People are unprepared, unable or unwilling to do proper training, while precious time is wasted on kindergarten-like sessions called “Green Dot,” when personnel are taught to recognize so-called aggressions and hostilities that might offend someone who probably doesn’t have the fortitude to be in the military in the first place.

The aircraft are cannibalized to get the parts needed to get others flying, as parts are in short order. Fifty-pound boxes are labeled “two person lift”—news flash, if you need help lifting 50 pounds, you’re unqualified for combat. Driving through the gate onto the base inspires little confidence for my safety, for I must be unarmed and the gate guard is a petite woman who couldn’t stop a Radio Flyer wagon on a good day. I know I am not being politically correct, but I am telling the truth.”

William J. McCrindle

Lt. Col. USAF (ret.)

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  1. d. knapp on March 14, 2017 at 2:27 pm

    Meanwhile, another A.F. commander is telling people to stop using the terms “boy” and “girl”. They’re actually telling the military and society to stop using these terms in homes. As an ex Air Force noncommissioned officer, I am ticked off. They dont have the authority to address a member’s home (as long as it’s within the law of the land and military) at all. The raising of kids is outside that authority. They certainly dont have ANY authority over the homes of the civilian population. Trump needs to begin wiping out these Obama era generals and get back a fighting force military. the military as a tool for social change will be our downfall. Other nations are using their’s for conquering foes.

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