Harvard study reveals the extent of media bias against Trump 2

By Tom Quiner

Media bias against Donald Trump is truly amazing.

Granted, the man can be a buffoon who brings on much of his negative coverage with his antics. But 93% negative coverage from CNN?

But 93% negative coverage from NBC?

But 91% negative coverage from CBS?

Academics at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzed mainstream media coverage of Trump’s first one-hundred days. The results quantify the shocking level of media bias against President Trump in comparison to other recent presidents.

So-called MSM journalists no longer feel a need to mask their revulsion for conservative thought. Their bias is on full display as Harvard has verified.

MSM bias is poison for our country. They contribute to the fraying of the American culture.



  1. Just a thought: maybe it has more to do with him being a buffoon than him being a conservative. Granted, Obama’s coverage was covered with fluff, but Clinton wasn’t exactly the king of PR either. I don’t deny that there’s bias against Trump, I’d just point out that this has been the single most bizarre and unprofessional presidency in modern history. I think a certain amount of the bad press is deserved (conservative outlets like WSJ have also voiced decidedly anti-trumpian views — it’s not just CNN and NBC)

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