How democracy is killing Planned Parenthood

By Tom Quiner

A majority of Iowans were fed up with human abortion.

They elected a governor and a Senate and a House that believed abortion should be illegal when the preborn person in the womb felt pain when he or she was aborted.

Our Republican government responded to this democratic outcry on behalf of human life by banning human abortion after 21 weeks.

The same Republican government listened to Iowans who said they didn’t want their tax dollars going to Iowa’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood lashed back, proclaiming that such a move would deny women of “reproductive healthcare.”

A coalition of pro life groups responded quickly with data that exposed this Planned Parenthood lie, as you can see on the map above. Rural health care centers scattered around the state provide better care without killing the baby in the womb. Democrats prefer for money to be directed to a dozen Planned Parenthood locations, since PP is a large donor.

Republicans pulled the plug on PP and redirected the monies to the rural health centers. As a result, PP has been forced to close four more clinics, a move which they claim will spark a “healthcare crisis in Iowa.”

I don’t think so. Women will simply visit rural health centers which will be better than ever thanks to more funding.

The Des Moines Register quoted Iowans for Life’s Executive Director, Maggie Dewitte for a more honest reaction:

“I would say this is fantastic news for women and families in the state of Iowa. We would say the services and care provided by Planned Parenthood in the state of Iowa were not what women and families deserved. We have said from the very beginning that there are many, many other qualified health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women.”