“Don’t honor race”

By Tom Quiner

Dr. Ben Carson, a man of character

Read my headline.

Those are fightin’ words to a liberal. A typical liberal response might be,

“well then, you must be a racist.”

No. I adhere to a different standard than the liberal, a more conservative standard which West Coast radio talk show host Dennis Prager articulated succinctly:

“Don’t honor race. Honor goodness. Honor kindness. Honor courage.”

I have no interest in honoring Dr. Ben Carson because he has black skin. I honor him because he was a great surgeon who saved human life. I honor him for being a medical innovator that allowed other doctors to save even more human life. I honor Dr. Ben Carson because his foundation helps poor kids get an education. Even more, I honor a Ben Carson because his foundation gives away 93% of their revenues to these kids, in contrast to the Clinton Foundation which only gives away 7% of their revenues.

Carson: a giver. The Clintons: takers.

The color of Dr. Carson’s skin is irrelevant. It is his goodness, kindness, and courage that defines him, qualities that the Left considers irrelevant.

Reverend Martin Luther King implored you and I to judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin. The Democratic Party resoundingly rejects his plea.

They honor race and gender for the sake of race and gender.

Conservatives choose to honor men and women of character regardless of their skin color or gender.

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  1. d. knapp on June 22, 2017 at 9:59 pm

    People should look at the history of their families. I was SURE I was ALL Scottish and England. I am EVERY European nation, Pee Dee Indian and Libyan over the last 1000 years. I never gave thought to race before and less now. Almost NO ONE is what they think. I was fortunate that the line I came from was full of politically powerful people. I was super proud til I realized that it meant they were many generations of power hungry psychopaths. The good part is I can find the Jewish, Catholic and multiple protestant groups I’m descended of. I know really great & really bad people of about any race you want to imagine. These SJW’s have no idea how silly & racist they are. How could they? The schools stopped teaching anything of value 35 years ago or more.