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If evangelical Christians were murdering as much as radical Muslims are, would the left say, “This has nothing to do with Christianity”? — Dennis Prager (@DennisPrager) June 5, 2017

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No one will accuse Trump of not having backbone

The interminably repeated left-wing lie that Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are in cahoots has exploded. With Trump’s military attack on Assad and verbal attacks on Russia, that claim has been shown to be what those with a little common sense knew it to be: a baseless, wholly made-up conspiracy theory meant to explain an election loss with which Democrats still haven’t come to grips. In fact, President Trump has shown more backbone with Russia in his first 100 days in office than President Obama did in eight years.

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The national divide explained

Common ground no longer exists.

The Left no longer embraces what used to be traditional American values, but the Right does. In other words, it is the political Left that is aggressively pulling this country in a direction it doesn’t want to go. And when they lose, they simply say that their opponent, who is Donald Trump (this time), is illegitimate.

They said the same thing of George W. Bush in 2000. Some things never change.

Conservative radio talk show host and political columnist, Dennis Prager, wrote an ingenious piece today that offers a “Guide to Basic Differences Between Left and Right” in this country.

It captures the reason why it is nearly impossible for a wide swath of our country, people like me, to vote Democrat.

It helps explain why Democrats have been losing so many elections since a leftist president, Barack Obama, took office. Leftism is practically a religion, and Prager points out the differences between its rabid adherents … and the rest of us. Here are a few:

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Conservatives, are you ready to be intimidated even more?

It’s going to get worse.

Conservative groups have been subjected to a shocking level of political intimidation during the Obama years. Imagine what it’ll be like under the back alley tactics of the Clintons.

Imagine what it’ll be like if Democrats regain control of the Senate with the likes of Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders controlling the levers of power.

Think I’m joking? Watch Prager University’s video above presented by the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel. If you’re having a hard time justifying a vote for Donald Trump, this video may soften you up.

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Are we made in the image of “carbon dioxide”?

A four year old boy falls into a gorilla exhibit. Straddling him is a 450 pound gorilla with the strength of Superman.

What do you do?

I have a four year old grandson. For me, it’s a no brainer. You kill the animal to protect the human being, which is exactly what officials at the Cincinnati Zoo did when this happened the other day…

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