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  1. d. knapp on July 16, 2017 at 11:32 am

    Why cant we just have repeal w/o replace? Unless one cares to be on medicare or medicaid, why would one care to have to fill out the first gvt form concerning health care. One program is for the elderly and the other the very poor (until now). Now 1/2 the babies are born to a woman who will have the bill covered by medicaid. Do we wonder why a woman and newborn are often discharged in (sometimes less than) 24 hrs? The baby is barely around to be tested for metabolic problems and mom isnt observed for bleeding and other potential problems. I hope we dont start seeing infant and maternal mortality/morbidity rates going back up.Any issues w/ insurance costs were caused by the policies of the past and cant be fixed by more gvt policy. In the words of Brave Heart….FREE MARKET!!!! JK couldnt resist. The idea of subsidies and tax breaks just being forever annoys me.