President Trump stands up for Charlie Gard 5

By Tom Quiner

Recently, I wrote about “the reality of Sarah Palin’s death panels.”

President Trump has stepped into the debate with this Tweet this morning:

At the same time the Left is working overtime to pull the plug on inconvenient life, it is refreshing to hear a pro life response from an American president.

The reality of Sarah Palin’s “death panels” 3

Liberals sneered at Sara Palin’s contention that socialized medicine by necessity includes death panels.

The mainstream media, of course, backed them up with dismissive articles that characterized Ms. Palin and anyone who opposes the mock benevolence of socialized medicine as a whack job.

Liberals are good at masking the sometimes immoral purposes of a government bureau, so they’ll give it a soothing name, such as an Independent Payment Advisory Board… More…