The state of sexual harassment

By Tom Quiner

The demise of Harvey Weinstein became possible with Hillary Clinton’s electoral defeat. Under a President Hillary Clinton, the Weinstein story would have eventually rekindled all of the stories of Bill Clinton’s sleaze, sexual harassment, exploitation of women, and even rape allegations.

By all accounts, the similarity between the two men is more than passing in terms of their conduct with women.

The media tilts so far left that they would have done anything to protect one of their own. In fact, it has become clear that Hollywood elites and journalists have known about Harvey Weinstein, sexual harasser of women, for a long time. Just watch Seth MacFarlane’s joke above from the 2013 Academy Awards above. It was common knowledge to Hollywood insiders who felt comfortable joking about it to a mammoth international audience.

There was no secret that Harvey Weinstein treated women like dirt, just as there was no secret that Hugh Hefner and Bill Clinton treated women like dirt.

However, each of these men publicly supported Planned Parenthood and championed human abortion.

By contrast, Donald Trump changed his position away from human abortion and became a Johnny-come-lately pro lifer. (To his credit, he is following through on many of his campaign promises on Life issues.) That’s why the media pounced on his horrific statement about how he could get away with groping women because he is a celebrity.

That was a legitimate story, and it cost Trump a ton of conservative votes. This blog was one of the many voices attacking Trump for his boorishness towards women. Trump won the election because he peeled so many traditional Democratic voters away from Hillary.

The Weinstein story has many levels to it. To this blog, the takeaway is that liberal elites will ignore sexual harrassment as long as possible if the perpetrators robustly support human abortion causes with their blood money.

Time simply ran out on Harvey Weinstein, just as time has run out on the Clinton dynasty. Let us hope this bodes well for the women who have been preyed upon by the powerful for too long.