The two biggest shocks of 2017

By Tom Quiner

Good first year, Mr. President

It’s getting harder and harder to be shocked. Nonetheless, I was shocked by two actions last year.

The biggest shock of all is that Donald Trump has turned out to be the gutsiest conservative since Ronald Reagan defined the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.”

Everyone knew Trump had guts, but many of us were concerned that he didn’t have a lick of common sense or even a smattering of self-discipline. His record for his first year has done nothing to ameliorate our concerns about his temperament, and yet he has consistently tacked to the Right politically with amazing impact and with a fearless disregard of political-correctness.

He is boldly deregulating the deep state in an authentic effort to get Big Government off our back. Mr. Reagan is surely smiling from Heaven.

He has been far more pro life than I ever dreamed possible, stacking our courts, cabinet, and Executive Branch appointments with passionate pro lifers.

He signed dramatic tax reform.

And he has officially announced that our Embassy in Israel is moving to Jerusalem.

His list of accomplishments is much longer than this, but you get the point. I am pleasantly shocked at the many ways President Trump is following through on his campaign promises. And this is just the first year.

I was shocked by one other action last year, that not a single Democrat voted for tax reform. This is a political miscalculation of the highest magnitude. Democrats and the mainstream media simply lied on the implications of tax reform. They did it day after day, even in the face of assertions made by liberal think tanks that 90% of Americans would enjoy tax relief if this bill passed.

Voters will begin experiencing tax relief immediately. They will see paychecks and bonuses increase, which in fact has already begun. They’ll see new, higher-paying jobs being created.

They’ll begin dusting off their resumés when job hunters come calling.

This tax plan contains one idea after another that Democrats have supported over the years. They have made a bet that America fails. They hope that we fail, because they have staked their political future on economic and moral stagnation. Economic prosperity is the kiss of death to Democrats in light of their unanimous rejection of tax reform.

They believe in one thing, and one thing only: impeach Trump. It doesn’t matter if he’s done anything impeachable, that’s not the point. He is an existential threat to their Party.

I have to admit, even by the standards of today’s Democratic Party, I am shocked at this political miscalculation.




  1. parrillaturi on January 1, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Well said. I do feel sorry for the many crows that have been sacrificed, in order that these pundits might consume their meat.

  2. John on January 1, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    President Trump’s cutting of income taxes is great and no Democrats voted for it to their demise in 2018 and going forward. Shows their BIG GOVERNMENT colors.
    And if you think reducing income taxes has been received well; wait until we replace some RINO Republicans with conservatives then Repeal the 16th Amendment ending income tax (the punishment of success) and our economy really grows leading to lots of high paying jobs and that situation is permanent with no income tax to be raised at the whim of politicians.
    Check out:

    • quinersdiner on January 1, 2018 at 4:03 pm

      John, always great to hear from you. I love your idea of a repeal of the 16th Amendment. Sadly, it will never happen. I am greatly intrigued by the idea of the Fair Tax. There is much to commend it, as I’ve written on this blog before. Again, it will never happen, at least in my humble opinion. The Fair Tax would take way, way too much power away from politicians, and the obstacles they would put up would be formidable. What do you think? Tell me I’m wrong.

      • John on January 1, 2018 at 9:03 pm

        You are right about what the obstacles are. It’s politicians being bought by those individuals and companies that can afford to keep themselves in low tax status compared to their competitors. How evil considering “no income tax would help them and their competitors.
        EDUCATING THE PUBLIC is the answer so voters go to the polls knowing that taxing income is punishing success.
        VP Pence is a long time FAIRTAXER and President Trump is not a politician but is a great communicator.
        Once voters share in the prosperity the tax cuts just created I’m hoping our alternate media continues to be used by Trump to do the education of the public needed to force the same Congress he just forced into tax breaks to take America to a consumption tax repealing “16”.
        Your blog is part of that alternate media we need to overcome all the MSM crap on thi subject.

  3. Tom Maly on January 1, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Methinx Newt Gingrich agrees with you. I noted that he commented that the GOPs will score huge victories in mid terms and if economy continues to hum and there is no foreign policy debacle (AND his health holds) Trump may romp in 2020.

    • quinersdiner on January 1, 2018 at 4:04 pm

      Politics are too volatile to predict anything anymore, but if the economy is robust, and I believe it will be thanks to tax reform, that always bodes well for incumbents.