Healthy options for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy

By Iowans for LIFE

You’re pregnant. It’s unexpected. And you’re not so sure you want this child. What do you do? Know this: you have healthy options, because there are a wealth of unplanned pregnancy resources at your disposal.

Even more, know that you are not alone. You’ll see why in a minute.

Yesterday’s blogpost exposed a tragic statistic most at-risk women don’t know, that 80% of women who experienced an abortion wish they had chosen a different option.

Even more, abortion leaves lifelong scars, both emotional and physical.

Iowans for Life has compiled a broad list of unplanned pregnancy resources. If you or someone you know is in crisis because of an unplanned pregnancy, these free resources can help you immediately, as well as after the birth of your child.

[Thanks to Iowans for Life for permission to run this excerpt from their most recent blogpost. You can finish it here.]