By Tom Quiner






Barack Obama enjoyed slobbering media coverage devoid of the slightest hint of an objective critique of his presidency.

Donald Trump has experienced non-stop attacks from the mainstream media (MSM) devoid of the slightest hint of an objective critique of his presidency. (In fairness, much is deserved.) However, the Media Research Center measures the coverage, and they tell us Trump’s coverage is 91% negative. (I’d guess Obama’s was 91% positive.)

Despite the deck being stacked in Obama’s favor, and despite the deck being stacked in Trump’s disfavor, Donald Trump’s approval ratings are higher (50%) than Barack Obama’s was at this same point in his presidency (45%).

What does that say?



  1. Tom Maly on February 24, 2018 at 2:58 pm

    My smarty aleck reply, Sir Thomas, is that you largley answered your question in the earlier part of your writing!! I am amazed on a daily basis when I sign in on the computer with the fact that virtually all references to Donald Trump, his family, his presidency/administration are negative. (I have seen the figure that +/- 905 of MSM coverage is of the negatory variety!) I am equally amazed that the man is able to govern at all, based on that coverage.
    I re-refer you to the Imprimis article by Mr. Gooowin “The 2016 election and the demise of journalistic standards.
    Nuff said……….I like this pithy piece of writing, Tom!!

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