“A gun free world”

By Tom Quiner

Over half a million people marched for life in Washington DC and the Hollywood elite and the mainstream media yawned.

Over half a million people marched for life in Washington DC and the Hollywood elite and the mainstream media fawned.

The first March took place in January. I refer to the March for Life, which has taken place for more than four decades.

The second march just took place. I refer to the March for our Lives rally. CNN slobbered over the 2nd with massive coverage, as you can see above, at the same time they ignored the pro life, anti abortion march in January.

The entire top page of CNN’s website is all about the anti gun march.

Why do you think so many millions of Americans react to the mainstream media with such revulsion? This double standard is a perfect example. The MSM will lavish buckets of positive ink on causes in which they believe at the same time they ignore causes with which they disagree. What little coverage they do offer is usually adversarial.

A-list Hollywood celebrities who have gotten rich creating entertainment saturated with gun violence joined the anti-gun festivities.

What do these marchers want? Reverend Martin Luther King’s granddaughter called for a world without guns. Is that their agenda? Do they want to take away Constitutional gun rights from honorable, law-abiding Americans?

Do they want to vest the power to carry and use guns exclusively in the hands of the government, you know, the very people who failed to defend the students at Parkland? That is probably the endgame for the drivers of this anti-gun movement. For now, they push for incremental steps:

  1. Ban assault rifles. This is worthy of debate. I’d like to see objective analysts present the data in an honest fashion. I’ve seen data which suggests this will have minimal impact, and I’ve seen some that suggests that it could make a difference.
  2. More advanced background checks. This could help if we can figure out a way to identity mentally ill people who are dangerous to themselves and others. Liberal groups like the ACLU make this difficult. In the case of the Parkland shooter, everyone knew he shouldn’t have guns. Everyone, including the cops and the FBI, knew he was a ticking time bomb who was likely to kill. Background checks weren’t necessary. The people with the guns, the cops, chose not to protect the kids in Parkland from this guy before and during the massacre.
  3. Raise the age of gun ownership to 21. Then how can we ask a young man under 18 to go to war? Setting aside this obvious inconsistency, I would like to hear an objective discussion on the subject without emotion.

In this climate, objectivity isn’t possible.

My advice: we can save a lot more lives with a ban on human abortion than a ban on guns. Let’s start with abortion.