By Tom Quiner

As you know, I live in the great state of Iowa.

Now, even US News and World Report acknowledges Iowa’s greatness, ranking the Hawkeye state as the top state in which to live.

Readers of this blog living in the far reaches of the world already know Iowa must be great based on the searing insights that emanate from this blog week in and week out. And I am but one of 3 million awesome Iowans. (If it’s getting a little thick, you can skip to the video above. 😉 )

Iowa ranks high in terms of infrastructure, education, healthcare, opportunity, quality of life, and conservative blogs. (Okay, I made the last one up.)

If you are some poor sap living in a place like California, I’d chuck it and move to Iowa, like tomorrow. The way real estate is over priced in the Golden State, you can sell your house and buy a mansion here.

Watch Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds, tell our story. And listen to US News and World Report explain how Iowa does a LOT of things right. Also of interest: 7 out of the 10 best states have Republican governors.

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