Iowa ranks as the #1 state in the ENTIRE United States of America

As you know, I live in the great state of Iowa.

Now, even US News and World Report acknowledges Iowa’s greatness, ranking the Hawkeye state as the top state in which to live.

Readers of this blog living in the far reaches of the world already know Iowa must be great based on the searing insights that emanate from this blog week in and week out. And I am but one of 3 million awesome Iowans. (If it’s getting a little thick, you can skip to the video above. 😉 

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Des Moines Register publishes Quiner!

[This piece appeared in the Des Moines Register this morning.] THE DAY THE POPE CAME TO IOWA By Tom Quiner “Look at all those people down there!” said Pope John II from his helicopter. He saw long, winding rows of people in the fields at Living History Farms below. “They must be standing in line for…

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A modest proposal to save Iowa

Iowa is dying. The numbers are damning. We’re not replacing ourselves. Our population growth is stagnant. The magic number needed to replace ourselves is 2.1 live births per woman. That’s known as the Total Fertility Rate (TFR). Iowa’s TFR is only 1.98 according to National Vital Statistics. We’re one of 36 states not replacing ourselves. Our population growth is slower than any other state except West Virginia and North Dakota’s, according to the Iowa Fiscal Partnership. The only thing saving us from demographic death are immigrants. In other words, our fair state is experiencing a devastating shortage of …

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