The Academy Awards is the latest victim of the Left

By Tom Quiner

“Art” according to the Left

As I wrote yesterday, I boycotted the Academy Awards again. I refuse to subject myself to the moral preening of these Leftists whose values are the antithesis of mine and the rest of the flyover states.

I marvel at the track record of the Left. They have a gift for ruining everything with which they come in contact.

The Oscar ratings: DOWN

The Oscar ratings were down 19% from last year, which were in turn down from the year before. Interestingly, the liberal Jimmy Kimmel hosted both years. Kimmel uses his platform to berate those who disagree with his politics. People are getting sick of it.

The Grammy ratings: DOWN

The Grammy Awards, another bastion of leftism, similarly experienced a sharp drop in ratings, down 24% from 2017.

The Super Bowl ratings: DOWN

The Super Bowl had their smallest audience since 2009, as millions stayed away who were fed up by millionaire players who protested the National Anthem.

The Left has a gift for destruction. It is most on display on what they consider great art. For example, their idea of art is a movie with a 24 year old man seducing a teen age boy (“Call Me By Your Name). Sounds a lot like Kevin Spacey in real life.

The Left’s idea of great art

Their idea of great art is a movie with a woman having sex with a fish (“The Shape of Water”).

Their idea of art is a Catholic crucifix submerged in urine. Or a dog peeing on the Orange County museum of art (see above, an apt metaphor for what Hollywood feels about America). Or profane rap music that denigrates women in absolutely vile ways.

Or movies that graphically portray a level of subhuman violence in one scene after another. It says much that a Martin Scorsese or a Quentin Tarantino who have produced buckets of this ultra violence are held in high regard by the Hollywood elite.

It says much that they honored a man who raped a 13 year old girl with an Oscar in 2003. Roman Polanksi couldn’t accept it in person, because had he set foot in the US, he’d probably go to jail for life.

The Left destroys everything they come in touch with, from the economy to the Boy Scouts to the military to Black America.

As long as their agenda dominates Hollywood and the Academy Awards, they can count on lower and lower ratings for years to come. It couldn’t happen to a nicer crowd.