The Book of Islam

If ever there was a religion ripe for satire, it would be Islam, right? So I’m wondering if the wise guys behind The Book of Mormon musical are planning an Islamic sequel?

The answer is…

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God help us find another Scalia

Justice Sonia Sotomayo demands more diversity on the Supreme Court.

Says the justice:

“I … think there is a disadvantage from having (five) Catholics, three Jews, everyone from an Ivy League school.”

I have a legitimate question for the Justice Sotomayo: why?

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Transgender chic

“Although the acting was well-done, the film is ultimately little more than an LGBT sales tool. It is true that transgender people are suffering. But what the film fails to address is that, all too often, transgender patients continue to suffer even after surgery, because their psychological problems remain untreated. I know from first-hand experience, as I was once a transgender woman, and I regret my sex-reassignment surgery.”

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The government’s secret war on you

The Obama Government colluded with private interests to wipe out a politically-incorrect industry.

Details were provided by the Wall Street Journal in their Saturday edition. According to the Journal, a leftwing environmental group, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), was allowed to write new anti-coal regulations for the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Heal. Inspire. Revive.

Last night, Dr. Carson was Dr. Carson in the Republican debate. He clearly doesn’t grasp policy as well as the “insider” candidates. He has flip-flopped on issues several times. He is feeling his way on others.

But then Ben demonstrated why normal people love him. In his closing remarks, he identified the disease eating away at this great country:

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