How to use Newt Gingrich in the Trump administration

The motto of HHS is “improving the health, safety, and well-being of America.” To that aim, President Obama and former Secretary of HHS, Kathleen Sibelius, believed the best way to do that is to treat human life as a disease and trample on our religious liberty with their HHS mandate on religious institutions, a path the current secretary continues on.

Newt Gingrich would undo their warped view of HHS his first sixty seconds as Secretary.

HHS is a sprawling bureaucracy with 67,000 employees and a $700 billion budget.

What would be Mr. Gingrich’s vision for HHS if he became its Secretary? We can get a clue from his book, A Nation Like No Other, Why American Exceptionalism Matters:

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The end of girlhood

Liberals in Hollywood, Girl Scouts, and government are stealing girlhood from our daughters. They view them as sexual objects. They are actively sexualizing them. They are grooming them as future customers for their entertainment, their pills, their human abortions, and a life of dependence on the state.

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Newt Gingrich for Secretary of Health and Human Services

Newt Gingrich would approach the mammoth task of reforming HHS as a collaborative effort with the states as opposed to the top down, cram-it-down-your-throat approach preferred by current Secretary of HHS, Kathleen Sebelius, and President Obama. Liberals think that conservatives hate government. I don’t think that is quite correct. Conservatives believe government functions most efficiently the closer it gets to the people it is serving. Mr. Gingrich shares that view …

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