What would Jesus do? Catholics are doing it.

You know all the stuff the writer above demands of Christians? Well Catholics are already doing it.

We don’t stand on soap boxes beating our chests and telling the world how great we are. Christ said to help the poor with love, and our reward will come in heaven, not this world.

Because we quietly go about doing humanitarian outreach on every continent of the world, people like the writer above think Christians are a bunch of praying, do-nothing hypocrites. Here’s the thing: we’re not a bunch of big mouth Donald Trumps, we’re just quiet, praying Christians doing a whole bunch of good in the world.

The writer asks, “what would Jesus do?” Catholics are doing it.

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The salvation of man

“You Catholics never talk about salvation.”
Those were the words from a buddy of mine. Dave was an evangelical Christian. He died earlier this year. I think about his comments often, because they represent the typical misunderstanding many Protestants have about Catholicism …

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Immoral equivalency

The Obama Government is embarked on a strange crusade. They wish to create the perception that certain Christian groups are just as bad as certain Muslim groups.

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