Trying to understand the Catholic meaning of Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharist separates Catholics from non-Catholics.

Eucharist is at once utterly simple to understand and yet totally complex, even absurd. Jesus drew crowds wherever he went. The one time He lost His audience is the first time He tried to explain the “Real Presence” in the Gospel of John, chapter six.

Jesus probably would have lost me, too…

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Testifying for Christ

I know a guy who can’t talk about Holy Eucharist without getting choked up.

For this Catholic convert, the act of taking Christ’s body, soul, and divinity into his body is moving beyond words.

He tries, I think very effectively, to explain his thoughts and feelings on these frequent encounters with Christ, but words are inadequate.

Catholicism, more than any other Christian denomination, encourages a uniquely “personal relationship with Christ,” none more than experiencing Holy Eucharist…

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