The reality of human abortion

“What is this?”

I held in my hand a model of a 12 week old preborn human being, also known as a fetus, or also known as a “blob” of cells if you work for Planned Parenthood.

I was working a shift for Iowans for Life at the Iowa State Fair.

People poured by.

We engaged a generally friendly crowd on life issues. The focal point of our booth were the life sized models of the preborn at different stages of development, from 12 to 26 weeks.

Little kids loved the models. I made it a point to take the 12 week fetus and show it to kids who were four or five years old.

“What is this?” I would ask them.

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The death of the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy has morphed into something unrecognizable to those proud liberals of their day.

To me, the party died with the election of Barack Obama. But if anyone still had doubts, they were put to rest at this week’s Democratic National Convention.

The core belief of the party is ugly: that human life is disposable if it is inconvenient.

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More Facebook Wars

Something snapped in me yesterday. It was the murder of that Catholic priest in France by Islamic terrorists. Christians are dying around the world because they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

Here in this country, “infants” (Hillary Clinton’s word) are being killed in their mama’s womb every day.

Most of the country yawns.

I couldn’t remain silent today.

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Facebook Wars

A friend posted the following message on her Facebook page today:

“I don’t understand how anyone who wants the best for this country could listen to these speeches about Hillary and still think she is too “evil” to vote for. Especially with the possibility of a President Trump.”

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The moral case for human abortion

Planned Parenthood has changed tactics. They’re admitting that killing is taking place in the womb, and that it is a person that is being killed.

In a television interview earlier this year, Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, actually called the preborn person an infant. Ms. Clinton and Big Abortion are now doubling down with the assertion that there is a moral case for abortion. In fact, that is the name of a soon-to-be-released book by a human abortionist from Great Britain, Ann Furedi…

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Mainline Protestants becoming more pro life

Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister.

He properly compares human abortion to slavery in the meme above. Since his violent death in 1968, millions upon millions of black babies have also experienced violent death through human abortion.

Sadly, many important institutions in this country have not only looked the other way, but have encouraged the spread of human abortion into our inner cities, our ghettos, and even abroad into economically challenged nations…

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This is how human abortion “doctors” talk

“When one does a D&E, technically one of the challenges is to remove the fetal skull, partly because it is relatively large, partly because it is relatively calcified, and it is difficult to grasp on occasion.” Testimony of human abortionist Dr Timothy Johnson, National Abortion Federation, et. al. v. Ashcroft, U.S. District Court, Southern District…

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