The moral case for human abortion

By Tom Quiner

“It’s not a human being.”

The human abortion industry has tried to con moms into thinking that “there’s not a baby at this point” when women seek advice on their “reproductive health.”

The undercover video that follows was made by Live Action Films in 2010. This is how Planned Parenthood made their sales pitch to promote human abortion back then:

Their tactic has changed.

The ultrasound has lifted the curtain on what they’re doing. When a mom sees that the baby in her womb, in fact, does have arms, legs, a head and a beating heart, nine out ten reject the human abortion option.

Planned Parenthood has changed tactics. They’re admitting that killing is taking place in the womb, and that it is a person that is being killed.

In a television interview earlier this year, Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, actually called the preborn person an infant. Ms. Clinton and Big Abortion are now doubling down with the assertion that there is a moral case for abortion. In fact, that is the name of a soon-to-be-released book by a human abortionist from Great Britain, Ann Furedi.

In “The Moral Case for Abortion,” Ms. Furedi says that human abortion is a “safe, effective means of birth control.”

Bill Clinton’s approach from the 90s called for abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.” Because of the demographic decline of Western Civilization, the number of women available to have abortions is shrinking. Human abortion factories can’t survive if abortion is rare. They’re making a killing on the backs of babies, and don’t want the gravy train to stop.

The liberal ethic has now devolved to the point that they admit they’re killing a person, but that the killing is a good thing. Says Ms. Furedi:

“Abortion may be an act of killing – but it kills a being that has no sense of life or death, and no awareness of itself as distinct from others.”

I guess that means that if you’re asleep, you’re fair game to be killed since you have no sense of life or death. Of course it’s nonsense. A one year old baby has no sense of life or death. Is it okay to kill her?

The infant in the womb does not have a sense of life or death today, but she will one day soon.

In a supreme act of rationalization, Furedi asserts that:

“Women make moral choices all the time. An abortion may be a difficult choice that a woman would rather not make. But this is no different than many decisions we make and women are no less competent to make pregnancy choices than they are to make other life-changing decisions, such as whether or not to marry, or whether or not to divorce.”

Except that no one dies when you’re deciding to get married or divorced.

Ms. Furedi speaks for Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic Party. They now admit that a person is being killed every time human abortion takes place.

They’re okay with it. They fight tooth and nail to block any regulation of this gruesome industry.

The wealth and power human abortion provides them is too much for a liberal heart to resist.


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    • quinersdiner on June 21, 2016 at 10:02 am

      The doctor’s mocking approach is disturbing.