Sunday brunch at Quiner’s Diner

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

Fried zucchini. Beet greens cooked up with bacon. Lemon kale salad.

Coffee. Juice.

What a lovely brunch this morning prepared by my lovely wife. A family member was present, and as often happens at Quiner’s Diner, the talk turned political.

This family member is on a much different wavelength than I…

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Taped conversations reveal Iraq had WDMs

The 1st Democratic debate is taking place as I write this.

Candidate Martin O’Malley repeated the slur that George W. Bush LIED about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. This is certainly not true.

I am rerunning a QD blogpost that addresses this issue:

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A Democrat with integrity sets the record straight on Iraq

“Bush lied and people died.”
“Mission accomplished.”
The essence of Bush hatred was cultivated by distortion, misrepresentation, and outright lies. In today’s Des Moines Register, a self-proclaimed Democrat who was no fan of George W. Bush, clarified key distortions on Bush’s Iraq record…

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Iraq post-mortem

We should not have gone to war in Iraq on March 18, 2003.
Knowing what we know today, few Americans would disagree with that statement.
The Congress at the time disagreed. In bi-partisan votes, both the House and Senate supported the resolution put before them to go to war.
At the time, honorable people did disagree, such as Pope John Paul II:

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The difference between Iraq and Syria is as huge as the difference between Bush and Obama

“So Obama is wrong for wanting to help stop the slaughter of women and children via chemical weapons while Bush got us in two wars on the possibility that Saddam may have chemical weapons. I fail to follow the logic you and many other bashers that seem to take such delight in name calling our commander in chief.

If you are like most of your fellow Obama haters, you were all for the war Bush pushed us into.”

This was the recent comment of a faithful, if contrarian, Quiner’s Diner reader. I thank him for sharing it …

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If Bush lied, Clinton lied

With the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War upon us, the “Bush lied” crowd has reasserted themselves. For the record, here is specifically what the President said: “Saddam Hussein has huge stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons. And some day, some way, I guarantee you, he’ll use the arsenal.” Only it wasn’t President Bush who spoke it.

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A fiscal postmortem of the Iraq War

It’s been a decade since the Iraq War began. Voices on the left are clear: our fiscal problems that continue under President Obama are the result of an unnecessary war on Iraq forced on the country by former President Bush. Is this really true? The Congressional Budget Office says no …

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Obama can’t blame deficits on the wars or the Bush tax cuts

It happened again this morning. A letter writer to the Des Moines Register blamed our deficits on the Bush tax cuts and the two wars launched in response to 9/11.In other words, the deficits are Bush’s fault and Obama is simply cleaning up his mess is the contention. Is this true? No, not according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) …

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