The Day of the Holy Innocents Reply

The man was a monster even Isis could appreciate, but for the fact that he was a Jew.

King Herod the Great was the Roman client king of Judea at the time Christ was born. Jewish prophesy stated that a new king, a Messiah, would be born in Bethlehem, threatening the reign of Herod.

When Herod was told that the time had come, that his rival had been born, Herod sent his soldiers to Bethlehem to kill all boys under the age of two. This day, known as The Day of the Holy Innocents, is commemorated in the Catholic Church today… More…

Top ten religious movies for Lent 8

This is the season to experience quality movies.

I love a good religious film. Sadly, there aren’t enough of them. Religious filmmakers often lack a deft touch and club you over the head to get their faith-based message across.

Although I’m receptive to the message of faith, I still appreciate and expect artistry, nuance, and good writing in films that address these subjects.

My list of favorites evolves from year to year. The films that follow are artistic, nuanced with great scripts. The Gospel of John (#2) is unique because the script is based verbatim on the Gospel of John. Christopher Plummer’s voice is perfect as the narrator. Interestingly, the versatile Mr. Plummer appears in another film on the list (“The Scarlet and the Black”) as a Nazi, the antagonist of the Vatican.

I sincerely believe you will enjoy these films… More…