My top ten religious movies for Lent

I love movies that depict the power of faith.

There is no one magic formula for a successful religious movie. Sometimes, it is an historical epic. Other times, it is a story of faith in action. Or it could be a docudrama on the life of a saint.

I especially love to dig into these films during Lent and let the beauty of God’s love wash over me.

Here is my updated top ten list of religious movies I like to watch during Lent:

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Please, be merciful O Lord

“It is so hard to admit that one is a sinner; it is so hard to climb the hill of Calvary and kneel beneath a cross and ask for pardon, forgiveness. Certainly it is hard. But it is harder to hang there.”

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Top 15 religious movies for Lent

Lent is a good time to revisit some of the great religious movies made down through the years.
I have a number of favorites, which I’ve listed below. My list this year has been expanded to fifteen movies (from 13 last year) to accommodate a couple of new entries: “Son of God,” which is in the theaters right now, and “Faustina.”

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Top 13 religious movies for Lent

By Tom Quiner I’m just back from a beautiful Ash Wednesday service. I am always overwhelmed by the realization that I came from dust and will return to dust. I am overwhelmed that God can breathe life into that dust to make me and you. And I am overwhelmed that even after I die, I…

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