Testifying for Christ

I know a guy who can’t talk about Holy Eucharist without getting choked up.

For this Catholic convert, the act of taking Christ’s body, soul, and divinity into his body is moving beyond words.

He tries, I think very effectively, to explain his thoughts and feelings on these frequent encounters with Christ, but words are inadequate.

Catholicism, more than any other Christian denomination, encourages a uniquely “personal relationship with Christ,” none more than experiencing Holy Eucharist…

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Why it is challenging for a practicing Catholic to vote Democrat

The Democratic Party has turned its back on the little guy.

It didn’t use to be so. The Democratic Party for much of the 20th century stood up for the dignity of man. Because of their support for the rights of laborers, minorities, and women, they attracted the Catholic vote.

At its core, Catholicism embraces human dignity as intrinsic. We’re born with dignity. Our worth is defined by God, not our neighbor, nor a political party, nor the government.

Even more, Catholicism believes dignity is intrinsic at conception…

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St. Thomas More argues with Martin Luther, PART III

Can God’s own word as set down by the Apostle leave Luther untouched, “I will put my laws in their hearts; I shall inscribe them on their minds”? [Heb 8:10, 10:16]
He makes no mention of stone or wood, for as the old law was stamped by Him upon external stone, so will the new be inscribed with His own finger in the book of the heart; that which existed so briefly upon the hardest material will be made to last forever on the softest.
So it has pleased God to show His power …

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St. Thomas More argues with Martin Luther, PART II

What force has this pronouncement of Christ’s: “The Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, when He comes, will guide you into all truth”? [John 16:13]
He doesn’t say that the Spirit will “write” to you or whisper in your ear, but he will lead you, will form you interiorly, and with His breath will show your hearts the way to all truth …

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