“Climate porn” Reply

Nate Silver is a statistician with an impressive track-record of using numbers to predict the future. A Democrat, he predicted both of Barack Obama’s victories with amazing accuracy. Even more, he predicted the results of Congressional races better than anyone else on the scene.

He has used his statistical renown to spawn a new website, FiveThirtyEight, which utilizes an approach called “data journalism,” a far-cry from the “advocacy journalism” (aka biased journalism) of the mainstream journalism.

Mr. Silver’s science journalist, Roger Pielke Jr., is less enamored with the claims of the “climate change” crowd than the mainstream media, characterizing it as “climate porn:” More…

Dewey wins! 2

By Tom Quiner

The polls say Obama will win a close election.

Bookmakers say Obama will win.

The highly regarded Nate Silver of the New York Times says Obama has a 93% chance of winning.

Why vote? And yet it ain’t over until the fat lady votes, to steal a phrase.

I went to the Romney rally in Des Moines on Sunday. It was mobbed. The crowd was electric.

Peggy Noonan characterized the dramatic Romney turnaround this way: a few months ago, people were voting against Obama. Now they’re voting FOR Romney.

Romney has all the momentum. Obama is hanging on for dear life.

In 1948, the media famously called Thomas Dewey the winner of the election. They were wrong, of course.

Let us hope they jumped the gun once again.