Rush Limbaugh’s take on Newt’s last debate 5

By Tom Quiner

Newt Gingrich was strong in last week’s debate. Rush had this to say:

“And we talked about it during the 2008 campaign. Nobody wanted to hear it. The hopey-change thing was just too big of a theme. It was absorbing all the energy. But it was shocking, the details of this story. He also — Newt had some absolutely brilliant conservative thoughts on education and on our schools. Newt noted three fundamental mistakes on education. They assume that teachers unions care about kids. He talked about this self-esteem nonsense where kids hear about self-esteem, but they can’t even spell it. They’re taught that they have self-esteem, they’re taught that they’re wonderful little darlings, they’re taught all this, but they can’t even spell the word “self-esteem”!”

What is self esteem? It is a favorable opinion of oneself.

What is self respect? It is a proper sense of one’s own dignity and integrity.

A philosophy evolved in recent decades that somehow self-esteem can be imposed from the outside if you just keep telling a kid he or she is great. In fact, self esteem is a natural by product of self respect. One earns self respect by doing good things, by behaving well, by the making the world a better place.

Newt’s comments were spot on in the Arizona debate.

Strong Republican debate tonight 9

By Tom Quiner

Tonight’s debate was strong on substance. All four candidates made the Republican case and exposed the weakness of President Obama’s policies.

I think every single candidate came across well. Rick Santorum was in the crosshairs and had Mitt Romney and Ron Paul ganging up on him. Mr. Santorum kept his cool. He responded with clarity and intelligence. I was impressed. He knows his stuff. He did something else. He admitted he was wrong on “No Child Left Behind.” He explained why he voted the way he did, and it made sense. He explained why the vote was wrong in hindsight, and he made sense.

Newt Gingrich had a strong night, but that was because he wasn’t in the crosshairs. I don’t think Newt held up in the Florida debate when he was on hot seat as well as Rick Santorum did tonight.

Mr. Romney bothered me. He talked about how he supported the Catholic Church on life issues when he was Governor of Massachusetts, and yet when push came to shove back then he caved. Revisit a previous Quiner’s Diner post for details (“Mitt Romney’s less than resounding support for the unborn”).

I like the way Newt Gingrich turned around the question on birth control and asked “why didn’t the elite mainstream media ask Barack Obama why he supported infanticide when he was a state senator in Illinois?”

The media’s double standard is beyond debate. Rick Santorum has proven he can take the heat. He and Mr. Gingrich both made the conservative case well. So did Mitt Romney, you just never know if he really means it.

As for Ron Paul, his cavalier dismissal of Iran’s nuclear program suggests that Barack Obama is a better choice than he is.


3 Reasons Rick Santorum is for real Reply

Rick Santorum has minimal baggage compared to every other serious candidate in the race. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both carry serious baggage: their records. Romney is the father of Romneycare which required taxpayers to help pay for abortions. Obama has bankrupted us. He has imposed Romneycare on the entire country. And he has launched an assault on the entire country’s religious liberties with the Obama Mandate. More…

Nomination through character assassination 1

By Tom Quiner

Mitt Romney and the Republican Establishment wage war on the Tea Party wing of the GOP

Mitt Romney's multimillion dollar smear campaign against Newt Gingrich is dividing the party

Mitt Romney and the Republican Establishment (RE) are doing grave damage to the Grand Old Party.

Mr. Romney has spent $17 million in Florida alone with a single thrust: to smear Newt Gingrich. Gingrich has spent about $5 million to defend himself and counterpunch against the Romney assault, an assault joined by John McCain, Bob Dole and other members of the RE. These are the guys who lose elections by running as moderates.

Newt Gingrich is a guy who won elections by running as a conservative.

Newt Gingrich is the guy who helped Republicans regain the House in 1994 by promoting a bold, conservative agenda.

Newt Gingrich is the guy who helped balance the budget through conservative fiscal policies.

This is the guy the RE wants to destroy.

Mr. Romney and the RE tell us Gingrich questioned Ronald Reagan’s foreign policies and doubted they would work against the Soviet Union. This is old hat. It was all in the Congressional Record. But for the record, only two men in the world believed at that time that the Evil Empire could be defeated: Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.

I remember reading Dinesh D’Souza’s wonderful book, “Ronald Reagan, How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader.” He recalled a meeting Reagan had with the RE intelligentsia which included George Will. Mr. Will could be seen rolling his eyes when Reagan suggested that the Soviet Union would fall.

Here’s the point: Mr. Gingrich and most of the party believed that the Soviet Union could be contained, but not defeated. Gingrich was no different than anyone else in the party on this score.

And yet Romney and the RE are spending millions to promote Gingrich’s so-called apostasy as if this is some new revelation. It’s not.

This concocted smear can work for the uninformed who revere Ronald Reagan, as I do, but don’t know the back story.

Romney and the RE continually drudge up the ethics violations levied against Mr. Gingrich. Romney bellows for Gingrich to release “all the records.” The suggestion, of course, is that Gingrich is still hiding something.

Mr. Romney, Mr. Dole, and Mr. McCain all know, and the Wall Street Journal has reported, that all 1280 pages of the records are available online.

The smear works, because most people don’t realize this is all old news; that it’s all out there on the public record and has been for nearly fifteen years; that Gingrich was exonerated of 83 of the 84 charges while still in the House, and was later exonerated on the final charge by the IRS after he left office.

Mr. Romney’s path to the nomination seems to be through the character assassination of his chief rival, regardless of the cost to his own integrity.

The Massachusetts Moderate is doing grave damage in his assault on the standard bearer for The Tea Party, Newt Gingrich,

A party divided cannot win elections, and Mitt Romney and the RE are dividing the GOP.

Mainstream Media on trial 1

By Tom Quiner

Newt Gingrich’s marital history is ancient history.

It has been reported on ad infinitum. Much of it is true. Much of it is distorted.

ABC chose to keep this old story alive with an interview with Mr. Gingrich’s second wife, Marianne. They chose to air the hit piece days before today’s South Carolina primary in order to maximize the damage to his candidacy.

Why the intense interest in keeping old news alive when in the previous election cycle, the same media showed no interest into digging into Barack Obama’s “hidden years” which, by his own admission, included cocaine use?

Or turn back the clock to 1992 when Bill Clinton came onto the national scene with his run for the presidency. CBS had the Gennifer Flower story about to break. Rather than bury Clinton with it, they massaged the story to help him. Don Hewitt, executive producer of 60 Minutes, explained why:

“And they came to us because they were in big trouble in New Hampshire.  They were about to lose right there and they needed some first aid.  They needed some bandaging.  What they needed was a paramedic.  So they came to us and we did it and that’s what they wanted to do.  When I told Tim Russert that I was persona-non-grata at the White House, he said, “Why?”  I said, “The Gennifer Flowers interview.”  He said, “You got him the nomination.”  I said, “I know that.”  As far as I know from the conversations I’ve had, Bernie Nussbaum knew that, Gergen knows that, Lloyd Cutler certainly knows it ’cause Lloyd had a hand in his coming on that night.

You know it was strong medicine the way I edited it but he was a very sick candidate.  He needed very strong medicine, and I’m not in the business of doctoring candidates but he got up out of a sick bed that night and walked to the nomination and as I said to Mandy, “You know if I’ld edited it your way, you know where you’d be today?  You’d still be up in New Hampshire looking for the nomination.”  He became the candidate that night.”

Mr. Hewitt is pretty forthright in his acknowledgement that the fix was in to help Mr. Clinton’s candidacy.

You could see the pro Clinton tilt in another story that simmered and just died. That had to do about allegations that he was a counter cultural draft dodger. Evidently, the college-aged Bill Clinton took a mysterious 40 day trip behind the Iron Curtain in 1969.

There were questions. What was he doing there?

How did this poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks in Arkansas pay for the trip?

And how had he avoided the draft? R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., publisher of the American Spectator, summarized it this way in his book, “Boy Clinton:”

“Clinton’s election prospects flickered and dimmed. Then, as his staff pondered how to salvage the campaign, something amazing happened. The stories simply died. Reporters were not offended by the lies Clinton had been laying on them for years. Citizens’ groups did not demand an honest account of his draft record, his anti-war activities, his visits to Communist countries at the height of the Cold War, visits that seemed to have the support of Communist governments. The stories had absolutely no effect on the election; few news organizations even picked them up.”

Mr. Clinton even stayed in the home of a member of the ruling communist party in Prague, and yet journalists had no curiosity about what transpired.

Can you imagine if it was Sara Palin?

The media flew hundreds of journalists into Alaska to dig up dirt on Ms. Palin.

Why such little interest in the background of Mssrs. Obama and Clinton?

It is this transparent bias that may actually be working to Newt Gingrich’s advantage. Everyone on the both sides of the aisle know they’re out to get him. His clear, hard-hitting response to John King’s “gotcha” question thrilled the legions of voters fed up with the leftward tilt of the mainstream media.

We saw it after Wednesday night’s debate again. CNN had a PolitiFact segment to check on the accuracy of Mr. Gingrich’s assertion that RomneyCare helped to fund abortions in Massachusetts. Their fact checker said Gingrich was wrong and Romney was right.

In other words, Gingrich lied.

And yet candidate Fred Thompson made the EXACT same claim in a 2007 candidate debate. Here’s what Mr. Thompson said:

“So what sort of services does Romney’s health care plan provide? Per the state web site: $50 co-pay for abortions. While [a] court mandate requires Massachusetts to cover ‘medically necessary’ abortions in state-subsidized health plans, Mitt Romney’s plan covers ALL abortions — no restrictions.”

What did PolitiFact say about Thompson’s claim? That it is true.

PolitiFact says Ginrich lied and Thompson said the truth.

Same issue. Same assertion. Different outcome.

Whether you like Newt Gingrich or not, it is impossible to ignore the bias.

Gingrich is taking the media to task, and crowds are responding with unprecedented standing ovations. You’ll hear his response at about 2:30 into the video clip above.

He has turned the tables on them. It is the media that is now on trial.