Super Bowl lessons in class and classlessness

How did he handle defeat? With total classlessness.

Watch him action in the video above. He is sullen. He responds with one word answers or short sentences. After just a few minutes, the man with a $103 million contract just stands up and walks out.

What a lack of class. The guy who feels no compunction at rubbing it in when things are going well lacks the character to show grace in defeat.

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Will the weather favor Trump or Cruz?

The great quarterback, Peyton Manning, isn’t so great when the weather gets cold.

His record is 0-5 in play-off games when the temperature at game time is 40 degrees or less.

I see a comparison with the upcoming Iowa caucuses. Donald Trump is a warm weather team; Ted Cruz has a cold weather team.

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The end of an era

Three magicians are poised to fade away.

These three men did not work their magic with a wand, but rather with a golf club, a football, or a basketball…

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