Why Catholics believe in the power of intercessory prayers

“Would you pray for me?”

Have you ever asked someone to do that for you? Most of us have at some point in our lives. Why would we do that? Why not just pray directly to God ourselves?

I broach this topic because of a thoughtful response I received from a faithful Quiner’s Diner reader. She’s a Southern Baptist. I’m a Roman Catholic. Catholicism believes in the veracity and power of intercessory prayers.

My Southern Baptist reader wrote:

“I certainly have no problem with anyone going at Christianity as they see fit. I just cant get past the fundamentals. I haven’t read anything in The Bible about praying to anyone but The Father.”

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“Why I am Catholic”

Dr. Peter Kreeft is one of the most brilliant and articulate Catholic/Christian apologists around. In the clip above, he clearly expresses the same compelling reason for being Catholic that so affected me.

For my non-Catholic readers whom I so appreciate it, this will help you better understand what makes us Catholics tick.

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Testifying for Christ

I know a guy who can’t talk about Holy Eucharist without getting choked up.

For this Catholic convert, the act of taking Christ’s body, soul, and divinity into his body is moving beyond words.

He tries, I think very effectively, to explain his thoughts and feelings on these frequent encounters with Christ, but words are inadequate.

Catholicism, more than any other Christian denomination, encourages a uniquely “personal relationship with Christ,” none more than experiencing Holy Eucharist…

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