Why I don’t like Trump

Ronald Reagan showed Republicans how to win:
1. Present positive, conservative ideas that are directly linked to the American creed.
2. Promote a big, inclusive tent.
3. Stive to unite, not divide.
Donald Trump does none of these…

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Ted Cruz’s very bad idea

If you are looking for a way to increase the size of Big Government, impose a Value Added Tax on business.

The VAT tax is the driving force behind Europe’s expansive government and onerous tax burden. Europe began implementing the VAT tax in the late 60s. Their tax burden has increased by about 50% since, while ours has remained relatively stable (until Obama).

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A beautiful Christmas message from Ronald Reagan

Let’s turn the clock back some thirty years to hear the beautiful Christmas address of a president who loved Christ.

Ronald Reagan wasn’t afraid to call Jesus the Christ. He called a Christmas tree a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree. He gave no quarter to the politically-correct Thought Police who want to expunge Christianity from the public square once and for all.

Mr. Reagan’s words grow in their impact with each passing year. It is refreshing to hear a president celebrate the single, most important event in history when God became Man.

Merry Christmas.

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Obama’s flaw is good news for conservatives

Much of the Obama legacy can be undone fairly quickly if Republicans regain the White House. If the president had enacted these changes via legislative action, much like Mr. Clinton and Mr. Reagan did, they would be difficult to undo.

But Mr. Obama didn’t do it the old-fashioned, American, democratic way, because he’s a lousy, preening politician who thinks he knows what’s best for the ‘little guy.’

Instead, he crammed it down our throats with his pen…

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The truth about Ronald Reagan

In this presidential cycle with Obama deficits on full display, Reagan’s record is invoked to make the case that Obama’s profligacy isn’t so bad after all.

One of the most tired diatribes has been the one that says “Reagan drove up the deficits and it took Clinton to fix it.”

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Deficits during the Obama years

A Quiner’s Diner reader jumped to Barack Obama’s defense.

She cited information dispensed by the always ‘unbiased MSNBC’ (irony intended) to prove that it is Republicans, not Democrats, who are the profligate spenders of taxpayer money.

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