“Jeb can fix it”

By Tom Quiner

Jeb's! new slogan is getting parodied on Twitter

Jeb’s! new slogan is getting parodied on Twitter

The Jeb Bush campaign has come up with a new campaign slogan:

“Jeb can fix it.”


Let’s start with the obvious. Fix what? His sputtering campaign or Big Government?

His campaign is famously underachieving. It does need fixing. Even more, the flawed candidate needs fixing.

But that’s not what Mr. Bush is driving at. He’s calling on us to vote for him to go in and fix Big Government.

It does need fixing.

This blog has written countless posts on the failure of our government to perform its Constitutional duties. But the Bush approach makes me think back to Michael Dukakis’ 1988 campaign. Mr. Dukakis ran on “competence.” People want more than competence, they want hope. They want a leader who makes them believe in a better future for themselves and their children.

Barack Obama, as cynical as he is, was able to gain tremendous traction with a wonderful slogan: ‘hope and change.’ Seven years of stagnation and cynicism have tainted the ‘hopey changey’ thing. That’s why Bush’s slogan isn’t all bad. But it doesn’t go far enough.

Ben Carson’s slogan does go far enough:

“Heal. Inspire. Revive.”

Brilliant. ‘Fixing’ is a non-emotive word. ‘Heal’ is packed with meaning and emotion. What a great slogan for the good doctor.

Ted Cruz has a winner of a slogan:

“Reigniting the promise of America.”

And Marco Rubio’s is strong:images

“A new American century.”

Kind of reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s famous slogan,

“It’s morning in America.”

Americans want more than a fix, Jeb!, they want to be able to dream again.

Neither Jeb! Bush’s exclamation point nor his new slogan inspires.

By contrast, Marco Rubio is exceptional at inspiring us with his words, and his slogan is the perfect complement to this dynamic conservative presidential candidate.

Does anyone get excited listening to Jeb Bush talk?

Does anyone not get excited listening to Marco Rubio?

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  1. oarubio on November 3, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Agree, Tom. I wrote a piece last week saying that he may be honorable and accomplished, but he’s running in the wrong era. I expect him to enjoy the holidays at home doing cool things instead of fighting his uphill battle.