Atheism rebrands itself as "secularity"

Atheism is a tough sell, so they have re-branded themselves as “secularists.” They held another conference here in Des Moines last week, this time called “Secularity USA.” They are attempting to undercut Christianity by suggesting that Christian parents are kooks who put their kids’ health at stake by relying on faith-healing alone, and won’t let get them vaccinated. Needless, to say that approach doesn’t represent Christianity, just as Stalin, Hitler’s and Mao’s (three famous atheists/secularists) propensity to slaughter millions doesn’t necessarily represent the thinking of all atheists/secularists.
It is interesting, though, how rigid atheists are in their thinking, how fervent they are in their belief that a universe with evidence of intelligent design just kinda popped into existence and created order, intelligence, and beauty …

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