Politically-correct capitalism is a loser 4

I got an email from the Democratic Party yesterday.

They’re raising money in an attempt to overturn the stunning mandate won by Republicans in the election.

Here’s a flavor of their “love note”:

“What do Wilbur Ross and Steven Mnuchin — Trump’s incoming Secretaries of Commerce and the Treasury — have in common?

They’re both Wall Street billionaires who got rich preying on working Americans and foreclosing on their homes. And once confirmed, they plan to start bringing back the Bush-era economic policies that helped lead us to the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.”

They dost protest too much, methinks… More…

I don’t blame African-Americans for voting for Obama 4

By Tom Quiner

Nine out of ten blacks are going to vote for Barack Obama. Maybe more.

Conservatives understandably bristle when they see these polls. Suppose 90% of whites voted for Romney, they grouse. Wouldn’t that be proof of racism?

Well then, goes the argument, why isn’t it racist for blacks to so overwhelmingly vote for Obama?

For the same reason it was understandable that Catholics voted so overwhelmingly for John Kennedy.

It’s the same reason that Mormons will vote overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney.

When you are a member of an oppressed group, as blacks, Catholics, and Mormons have been at times in our history, you’re going to vote for the candidate representing your group as a show of solidarity. You will continue to do so until your group’s representation in the polity becomes commonplace.

The president will most likely garner fewer votes from blacks than in 2008, but it will still be substantial.

Mr. Obama’s election was an important symbol that America is moving into a post-racial era. After all, he won the most white votes in any 2-way campaign since Carter in ’76. White voters confirmed that they are willing to judge a candidate by the content of his or her character, resume’, and potential rather than the color of their skin.

We didn’t know a lot about Barack Obama’s character four years ago. His resume was thin, and his past sketchy. But he sounded good. He inspired people regardless of their skin color. His potential was great in the eyes of many. In particular, we saw in him the opportunity to put an end to racial divisions.

He has squandered that opportunity in the eyes of many. A Gallup poll revealed Obama’s election has had little impact on racial politics.

Political commentator, Star Parker, who is African-American analyzed our racial state of affairs this way:

“The Obama presidency has not ushered in a new era of racial tranquility because, despite all the hype, it’s not what it has been about. The real tension in America today is not about black versus white but about liberalism versus conservatism.

Liberalism is about government as a political agent, not as a protector of individual freedom. By it’s very nature, liberalism creates political classes – whether based on race or gender or business interests. Those that get the goodies are happy. Those that pay for them are not. Tensions and animosities get worse, not better.”

Conservatives can make a compelling case to African Americans that a Mitt Romney presidency would create more opportunity for them. The reality is that there is very little that can be said to pry black voters away from Barack Obama.

I get it.

But I don’t like it.

The root cause of poverty Reply

By Tom Quiner

I heard it said once that avoiding poverty is really pretty easy. You have to do three things:

1. Graduate from high school.

2. Defer child-rearing until your twenties.

3. Get a job. Any job, even if it’s flipping hamburgers. It will lead to a better job, and then an even better job.

The Associated Press (AP) just came out with a story that talked about the tremendous toll unwed motherhood is having on the African-American community. A stunning 72 percent of African-American children are born to unwed mothers.

AP listed the out-of-wedlock rate by race, as follows …

Asian: 17%

White: 29%

Hispanic: 53%

Black: 72%

Interestingly, income inequality by race somewhat mirrors the ranking above, only Hispanics earn a little less than blacks on average. Below is U.S. Census median annual income by race from 2006:

Asian: $36,152

White: $32,919

Black: $27,110

Hispanic: $23,613

These income rankings suggest that out-of-wedlock rates may correlate with median average income rates.

It makes sense. Women who have babies without husbands often find themselves in over their heads trying to raise their children and put food on the table. That’s why the majority of people on welfare are single Moms.

A disproportionate percentage don’t graduate from high school.

A disproportionate percentage can’t get a job, any job.

Income gaps are frequently politicized, the claim being that they are primarily the result of discrimination. The numbers above suggest family structure is the biggest issue.

President Obama’s election in 2008 revealed the truth about America, that we are moving beyond race. People of all colors voted for Mr. Obama’s message of “hope and change.”

And yet, here we are a couple years later and black unemployment rates are 29% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and unemployment rates for black youth between the ages of 16 and 19 is 48 percent.

Democrats’ hostility to small business has dealt a serious blow to black entrepreneurs.

The black abortion rate is one out of every three pregnancies.

Nothing is going right for black America, even with a black President. As a result, black voter turnout plunged in last week’s election.

Despite the fact that Republicans ran 14 black candidates for Congress and got two of them elected, the NAACP smeared the Tea Party Movement with charges of racism.

How counterproductive.

The root cause of poverty is primarily family structure. It is exacerbated by job-killing liberal policies promoted and passed by the President and his party. As political columnist Star Parker (an African-American) states it:

Star Parker

“We have arrived in post-racial America but establishment blacks – lodged in the political left – refuse to accept it and are doing all they can to get black citizens to refuse to accept it.

The sobering reality is that the black political establishment doesn’t want Dr. King’s dream. They don’t want an America where people are judged by the content of their character. They want an America that is Democrat and left wing and this is what they promote today under the banner of civil rights.”

Another columnist, Lurita Doan, also African-American said:

Lurita Doan, former administrator of the General Services Administration

“Black Americans, like many Americans, were proud of the “post-racial” president, a feat which many of us had not believed would occur in our lifetime.  But, as president, Obama, a man who is clearly bright, articulate and intellectual, has appeared to be excessively anti-business, ignorant of the basic workings of government, inexperienced in the kind of leadership necessary to bring different factions to consensus, and incapable of putting together a team to fill in the gaps of his inexperience.

These failures have been disappointing to many Americans, but perhaps most painful to the Black community who may have hoped that the first African American president would turn out to be the stuff that dreams are made of, answering to a higher calling than just the petty politics of partisanship and trying to achieve more for all Americans rather than just focusing on getting himself re-elected.”

The potential in the African-American community is staggering. The tragedy is that this potential is being squandered, and an African-American President isn’t helping them a darn bit.