The Miracle Maker

I believe in the power of entertainment as a tool to evangelize an easily distracted world. A priest at one of our recent performances marveled at the size of the crowd for The Wedding at Cana. He said, “we’d never be able to pull 150 parishioners for a Bible study.”

And yet entertainment can, and does, teach. It can also distort our Christian faith, and that is where things get interesting…

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Is the new "Noah" movie worth seeing?

By  Tom Quiner “The utter embarrassing mess of ‘Noah’ and why everybody is lying about it.” How’s that for the headline for a movie review on ‘Noah’ which opens today? Let me pass on excerpts from this review, written by Catholic screen writer and critic, Barbara Nicolosi: “Everything is politics. And nowhere is that more…

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Scary, not nasty

“Dad, do you like horror movies?” This is the question my 29 year old daughter asked me yesterday. Karen and I are in Alaska visiting her and her husband. It was a rainy day, so we decided to go to a movie. I told her I used to love horror movies until they changed. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but horror movies went from being scary to being nasty …

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