BREAKING NEWS! The Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney! 13

By Tom Quiner

Iowa offers a paltry 6 electoral votes this election.

Iowa is a swing state.

But our six votes are so critical that we’ve seen each campaign make repeated trips to Iowa. That’s why tonight’s dramatic announcement that the Des Moines Register is endorsing Mitt Romney is so important.

The Register’s editorials are liberal.

They support abortion on demand.

They support Obamacare.

They support gay marriage.

But they don’t support Barack Obama. This is an especially important endorsement to Mitt Romney. Undecided voters will sit up and take notice. If a liberal paper like the Register that endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 dumps him this time, it is an acknowledgement of how lousy his economic record is and how much we need Mitt Romney to step in and right the ship.

Barack Obama is in trouble when he loses an endorsement like the Des Moines Register.

Way to go!

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