The rising tide of anti-Catholicism

By Tom Quiner

An appointee to the Iowa Board of Medicine is rejected because of her Catholic belief system.

This is but the latest indication of anti-Catholicism, as reported by Quiner’s Diner on April 13th (“Dishonest Iowa Democrats smear a good woman”).

The Des Moines Register ran the piece this morning. One person responding spoke for so many liberals that someone with Catholic convictions should be automatically disqualified from government service, unless they publicly reject their Church’s teachings.

Another person responded with this rant:

Catholic Charities serves 9 million people in the U.S. a year.

Catholic Charities in action

“With all your piety showing, you as well as most allegedly ‘pro-life’ people always fail the ultimate tests.  You want the infant to pop out of the womb, and then they are on their own.  I would appreciate receiving the list of projects you are personally involved in which sustain life in the real world. Orphanages, day-care centers–all those things which make life sustainable are never the projects for people like yourself. Once you got your way and abortion was illegal (which will not stop it), then you would happily attend church, thank God that you are not like other people, and expect people like myself, Liberal Democratic women like myself to take care of real, living, breathing children.”

Where do anti Catholic liberals get these notions anyway?

Catholic Charities is the largest charitable organization in the world, assisting over 9 million needy people in the U.S. alone each year. Every Catholic Church supports them through sacrificial giving.

What does Catholic Charities do?

They work toward reducing infant mortality.

They increase the number of kids with health coverage.

They increase access to healthy food for the hungry.

They reduce the number of families and individuals forced to live in emergency shelters.

They are increasing the quantity of affordable housing units.

They work to increase fathers’ involvement in families.

Their programs increase access to quality affordable early childhood education.

They increase the rate of high school completion.

They work to increase the number of youth participating in postsecondary education or workforce training.

They’re the biggest adoption provider in the country.

This is where we Catholics put our money to make an immediate and direct impact on not just the pre-born, but of everyone. This gets to the heart of being Catholic.

We are called to embrace the social justice teachings of the Church which begins with the sanctity of life. Catholics believe life begins at conception. Despite liberals’ insistence that we butt out of politics, we just can’t when we see a million plus human beings killed, while they grow in the womb, each year.

What arrogance the self-identified “Liberal Democratic Woman” expresses above! What a sad stereotyping of so many decent Catholics.

They think they have the compassion market cornered. And yet in their mock benevolence, they support Planned Parenthood and the systematic killing of the preborn.

Here’s what’s interesting about Catholic Charities: They serve the needy without regard to religious, social, or economic backgrounds.

Liberals want to change that. Obama’s HHS Mandate requires them to provide services in their healthcare policies that violate Catholic principle. The only way they can avoid the mandate is by dismissing non-Catholic employees, and to begin refusing to serve non Catholics.

Does this sound like compassionate government policy to you?

Catholic Charities has been forced out of the adoption business in several parts of the country with more anti-Catholic push back from government. Unless they adopt children to gay couples, in contradiction of Catholic principle, they have had to cease adoption services in Boston, San Francisco, and Illinois.

The Obama administration now prevents them from working with victims of human trafficking unless they provide abortion and contraception services that violate Catholic principle.

Catholics simply want to serve.

We simply want to serve real living and breathing children … and adults.

Liberals will only allow it if Catholics violate core Catholic principle and embrace liberal dogma.

We refuse.