Hillary’s coronation may be premature

He was anointed by a mob of slobbering journalists.

Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 because the mainstream media anointed him at Hillary Clinton’s expense. They pointedly gave him a free pass by ignoring the man’s spotty, mysterious past.

Ms. Clinton had no such luxury.

Her sensational history was splattered across the mainstream media, tabloids, and cable television in copious quantity because, well, her scandals and public deceit has been so copious…

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Is journalism dying?

By Tom Quiner Do you trust the media? If you’re like me, you’ll probably say: it depends who is doing the reporting. Conservatives like Fox News, whose slogan is: “we report, you decide.” Liberals like Katie Couric who says, “we go beyond the news, we tell you what it means.” Translation: we’re going to slant…

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