Should we turn Iowa into the abortion Mecca of America?

By Tom Quiner

What a beautiful state, Iowa.

Our soil is black and loaded with life. We feed the world.

Our people are sensible, hard-working folks. There are no finer people in the world than Iowans. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the country over the years. Americans are great everywhere. But Iowans are always at the top of the list when it comes to friendliness, frugality, and common sense.

What is one to think of the forces at work bent on turning Iowa into the abortion Mecca of America?

Planned Parenthood is performing long-distance tela-bortions with the tacit approval of the Attorney General. The AG, Tom Miller, a Democrat, is okay with this even though Iowa law says a doctor should be present when an abortion takes place. With tela-bortions, a doctor is not present. Mr. Miller chooses not to prosecute.

The next step in expanding abortions in Iowa comes from abortionist, Dr. LeRoy Carhart. Dr. Carhart earns his living aborting babies late in their Mom’s pregnancy. His practice currently resides in Nebraska. He has stated he would like to expand his abortion business into Council Bluffs, Iowa, Indianapolis, and the Washington D.C. area.

He’s got a problem. Nebraska passed a tough anti-abortion law that restricts abortions after 20 weeks. The reasoning? At that stage of the pregnancy, the baby can feel pain as it is killed and removed from the mother’s womb. Nebraska legislators believed that to be immoral and passed this more restrictive abortion legislation.

Not to be deterred from earning a living, Dr. Carhart is now looking to Iowa and beyond for new abortion markets.

Republican legislators are interested in passing legislation similar to Nebraska’s to prevent the Dr. Cartharts of the world from setting up shop here.

Current Iowa law is lax. It prevents abortion after 24 weeks unless the doctor believes the abortion is needed to “preserve the life or health” of the mother, a loophole that increases the quantity of abortions in Iowa. Republican legislation, should it pass, would help reduce the high quantity of abortions in Iowa, which has been abetted by the Attorney General’s willingness to allow telabortions into our state.

The legislation will surely get through the Iowa House, which is controlled by Republicans. Even in the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, there may be a chance to pass the bill. After all, how could any legislator allow someone to be killed who feels pain? We put dogs down humanely. Isn’t a baby in the womb worth as much as a dog?

Whether this piece of legislation is passed comes down to another single Democrat, Majority Leader of the Iowa Senate, Michael Gronstal. He alone determines whether this bill can come to the floor for a vote. He alone can determine whether a baby in the womb should be treated as well as a dog, or not.

Mr. Gronstal is comfortable staking out radical positions. He alone prevents our democratically-elected legislature from voting on an amendment to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. On the abortion issue, the pro-choice Gronstal isn’t saying whether he would allow a vote.

Here’s where we’re at. In this sensible state, the one man who could do something about telabortion, a Democrat, refuses to do so. The result is an expansion of abortion in Iowa.

On the issue of late term abortions, one man, a Democrat, may also determine whether abortion is allowed to expand even more into Iowa.

What is the impact of turning Iowa into the abortion Mecca of America? A slow death for our beloved state. Iowa’s replacement birth rate has fallen below replacement levels. Our population is dying. Democrats contribute to the death of Iowa by allowing abortion to flourish.