God barraged with conflicting prayers

Interestingly, Iowa Democrats, who usually scream loudly for “separation of church and state,” staged their own prayer vigil beseeching the Almighty to defend the right of women to end the lives of their preborn children.

On the one hand, God was receiving prayers like this:

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Youthful pro lifers are relentlessly transforming Iowa

“Abortions drop 30% in Iowa in 5-year span.”

This was yesterday’s headline in the Des Moines Register. They were reporting on the Iowa Board of Medicine’s upcoming hearing on the use of webcam abortions in Iowa.

This headline confirms Quiner’s Diner premise that the youthful pro life generation is beating the aging Marxist-feminist human abortion crowd. That’s the story: young Iowa women are increasingly rejecting Planned Parenthoods seductive advocacy for human abortion.

The Register, though, gave the story a different spin with their sub-headline …

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Shouldn’t we err on the side of life?

Dr. Ashman completely misses the point. The issue does not lie with the scientific understanding of human development. Pro-life physicians and pro-life bioethicists thoroughly understand such development, as does any well-informed person. It is the conclusions they reach that differ materially …

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The era of power politics

Compromise is out. Power politics is in. We witnessed power politics at its best with the welcome news that the Iowa Board of Medicine has taken the first step to banning “webcam abortions,” also know as telemed abortions.

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Doctors and Nurses Submit Petition to Iowa Board of Medicine: End Webcam Abortions!

“In 2008, webcam abortions began as a ‘first-in-the-nation test pilot program’ here in Iowa at Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, the largest abortion provider in our state,” stated Jenifer Bowen, Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life. “Yet, the truth remains-these chemical abortions are more painful, traumatizing and bloody for women, but far more profitable for Planned Parenthood.”

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Will Democrats allow Catholic citizens to serve?

Iowa’s Republican Governor appointed a Catholic woman to the Iowa Board of Medicine. This is a big deal. This Board influences whether telemed abortions will spread throughout Iowa to the financial benefit of Planned Parenthood. If Planned Parenthood succeeds, telemed abortions will begin spreading throughout America. The Iowa Senate, controlled by Democrats, rejected the nominee with a shameless smear campaign grounded in deceit and disinformation. Undeterred, Governor Terry Branstad has put forth the name of another faithful Catholic to serve on the Board of Medicine: Monsignor Frank Bognanno …

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How Democrats defend bigotry

By Tom Quiner Dishonest Iowa Democrats smear a good woman. This was the Quiner’s Diner post on April 13th. The Des Moines Register picked it up and ran it without changing a word. The Dubuque Telegraph Herald ran with it. I was asked to be a guest on a Northern Iowa talk radio show to…

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Teleschool education vs. Telemed abortions

By Tom Quiner Iowa offers telemed abortions. In contradiction to state law, abortions are administered via computer screen by doctors at remote locations. The Attorney General for the State of Iowa, a Democrat, didn’t rule on the case. He pawned it off to a County Attorney. The Democratic Party didn’t raise a peep. So Iowa…

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