By Tom Quiner

Brace yourself.

Conservative Friday humor is here, direct from our friends at NewsBusted featuring the one, the only Jodi Miller. Here are the sizzling stories you do not want to miss:

√ What do Peyton Manning and Barack Obama have in common?

√ What does Congress and MSNBC have in common?

√ Bill Maher’s two jobs.

√ The risk of winning a $336 Million jackpot.

√ Obamacare nominated for dubious awards.

√ Wayne Newton’s hair withstands Vegas windstorm!

√ Watch out for teachers in Bill Clinton middle school.

√ A glimpse at what the “God particle” looks like.

Humor is good for your health. Conservative humor is good for your soul. Sit back, relax, and be prepared for 148 seconds of fun!

Happy Friday!


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