Unraveling the complexities of the liberal mind Reply

By Tom Quiner

Unraveling the mysteries of the liberal mind is a daunting proposition.

Liberal positions often seem illogical. For example, Team Obama now tells us that the laws of supply and demand don’t apply to energy.

Go figure.

In order to shed light on the inner workings of our friends and family of the liberal persuasion, Quiner’s Diner has uncovered a diagram of the liberal brain that explains the inexplicable.


Alaska hits 50 below! Is this really proof of global warming? 1

By Tom Quiner

The president wants more folks on food stamps.

Aol is losing customers since purchasing a liberal website.

Chris Matthews must have been comatose during the Bush years.

And the best: cold temps in Alaska prove global warming. Time to sit back and enjoy a few belly laughs from our friends at NewsBusted. Their humor is the best kind: it comes at the expense of our liberal friends.

Have a great Friday.