By Tom Quiner

Forgive the screaming headline, but it is time for some fun, conservative news brought to us by NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller.

Jodi’s side-splitting news stories will make you cry out in laughter as she pokes gentle fun at our liberal friends and family.

Today’s stories:

√ Liberals: the majority of Americans are RACIST.

√ Why Rahm Emmanual is trailing in the polls.

√ Administration touts ‘robot jobs’ saved or created.

√ Liberals scream for ‘electrified bra’ to be required under Hobby Lobby health plan!

√ How to stop al Qaida.

√ Are drones part of Obamacare?

√ Only 3% of Americans say they are gay.

√ Wow, the drought must really be bad in California!

It’s Friday. Start the weekend right with a few good laughs.

Take it away, Jodi!

The real reason unemployment remains high Reply

By Tom Quiner

It’s Friday! Time for a little news with a smile, straight from NewsBusted’s Jodi Miller. Here are this week’s scoops:

√ President Obama was excited about all the new healthcare exchange sign ups, until he found out who they are.

√ Why unemployment remains high.

√ The target of media blame for the most recent Ft. Hood shootings.

√ What David Letterman plans to do after he retires.

√ Fake conservative to take over for Letterman?

√ NYT gives Ted Cruz book a bad review?

√ Better luck next year, Cub fans!

Start your weekend with a laugh. Start it with Jodi Miller!