What does Obama do when he’s not campaigning?

By Tom Quiner


Proof that man is superior to beast is his ability to laugh. Humor is surely divinely inspired as a critical weapon for man to preserve his sanity in troubling times.

We live in troubling times, don’t we?

Most of our troubles are caused by boneheaded liberal thinking, aren’t they?

Therefore, it is time to laugh.

It is Friday, and Quiner’s Diner is proud to present NewBusted’s own Jodi Miller with the latest “news” stories that lampoon our liberal friends.

Read them and laugh:

√ What President Obama really does with his time when he’s not campaigning.

√ Is there a correlation between gas prices and Obama’s margin of defeat?

√ Democrat Alan Grayson accuses a red light of being a Republican operative!

√ Proof that Planned Parenthood does provide services other than abortion.

√ The real reason Dems are against the voter ID law.

√ The media’s true feelings toward Barack Obama.

√ Bill Crystal turns 64!

Happy Friday!